I’d like to thank my mom..

Up against agencies like Proximity London (2,500+ people worldwide), UM London (4,800+ people worldwide) and Maxus (part of WPP), we at Click have won our first digital award! Well, sort of – it’s a commendation – but our mum’s always said being a runner-up was (almost) just as good. We’re really proud to say that […]

Building something on the web? Be user-centric, or don’t bother at all

“User-centric” is what I like to call a “teenage sex” term; everyone talks about it, (almost) no-one is doing it. As a trap, it’s a fatal one to fall into. Just like in start-up culture, new product development, or indeed business development as a whole, a user-centric approach for the web is far more likely to achieve your […]

I blame Star Trek for unreasonable requests

Sometimes people ask us if we can do something faster than we had estimated, or to amend something quickly and for free. They’re often frustrated if we say that we definitely can’t do it, and I think I know why. The following scenario (or one like it) will be familiar to most of you: (The Starship […]

User stories – an overview

Every project we do starts with user stories. If you’re not familiar with them, they (generally) take the following format: As an [actor], I want to [action], so that [goal] For example: As a user, I want to be able to scroll down, so that I can read more of this article Simple stuff, but […]

Our culture – a first draft

We see company culture as being vital to our success. We aim to make our place of work – and the manner in which we go about our work – a great experience, both for us Clickers, and our clients. The list below is our first draft of our company culture. See it as where […]

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