User stories – an overview

Rob Calvert in UX  ·  3 min read

Every project we do starts with user stories. If you’re not familiar with them, they (generally) take the following format: As an [actor], I want to [action], so that [goal] For example: As a user, I want to be able to scroll down, so that I can read more of this article Simple stuff, but […]

Our culture – a first draft

We see company culture as being vital to our success. We aim to make our place of work – and the manner in which we go about our work – a great experience, both for us Clickers, and our clients. The list below is our first draft of our company culture. See is as where […]

Why the phrase “Market fit” is just wrong

At an event at Campus last night, the host talked about a start-up finding “Market fit”. Not “Product-market fit” – “Market fit”. A slight change to this often-used phrase, but an important one. So why does it matter? We recently visited the New Bamboo offices, and had a coffee with their CEO, Thomas Langley. Amongst […]

On the hunt for partners

We’ve been lucky enough to see our average project size grow three-fold over the last year, we’ve narrowed our service offering (so we can focus on improving what we already do best), and our process has become more thorough. Because of this, we’re having to turn down work that doesn’t fit our minimum project size, […]

Take regular time off

So this on a slightly different topic than our usual posts, but it’s an important point worth sharing: take regular time off. I know how easy it for ambitious people to get caught up in their job – whether they’re a business owner or an employee. And I know how easy it is to think […]

A/B testing: a brief introduction to a powerful tool

Simply put, A/B testing is a brilliant tool which allows you to gain invaluable insight into customer behaviour and increase revenue. What’s more, it’s simple, accessible, and relatively cheap. Do you currently have any A/B tests running? You should do – and here’s why. A quick description It’s easiest to explain A/B testing by using […]

Website and branding projects need budget indications from clients

Andrew Birley in Clients  ·  4 min read

For many agencies, that headline will be enough. But the industry has a duty to educate clients wherever possible; whether that be about the perceived ‘Dark Art’ of website development, or the cost – both opportunity and financial – of producing proposals for a website design, website development or branding project. Recently, Click has been […]

Generate assumptions before you develop ideas

It’s an easy trap to fall into: you analyse a site, insights are revealed, and you immediately generate lots of ideas for new features (be it design or functionality). But resist the temptation – you need to create assumptions first. To illustrate this, I’ll draw on an example from a current project – the revamp […]